Crazy Man's Quests

Crazy Man's Palace

Aha! Hee-hee! Hoo-hoo! You have come? Ho-ho!

My cave... my palace! They have taken over! The rats! No more rats!

-Find a source of fire

-Burn the Rat Nest

-Return to Crazy Man

It is done? Hee-hee! My palace!


-40 gold

Crazy For Love

My palace! A king am I! A king needs his queen, yes?

A letter... for my love! My queen, the lovely Mrs. Finch! To her mailbox! You will take?

-Deliver Letter to Mrs. Finch's Mailbox

-Return to Crazy Man

Now, we wait! My queen! We wait for my queen! Hee-hee!


-80 gold

Hidden Ring

Not want to be queen? Queen of my palace?!

Ah... but I have a ring! A ring for my queen! But it is hidden... hee-hee! Where? I don't remember. You lead!

-Find Crazy Man's hidden Ring

-Return to Crazy Man

The ring! The ring for my queen!


-160 gold

The Proposal

Ah, the ring! The ring for my precious queen!

You will give to her? Hee-hee! Give the ring to my queen!

-Deliver the Ring to Mrs. Finch

What a lovely ring!


-160 gold

Second Skin I

Ahhh...eeeeeek! My new suit... my wedding suit... I make myself, yes?

Must have materials! You will get... best man perhaps?

-Have 16 Skin

-Have 16 Ghoul Stool

-Return to Crazy Man

I mush the stool for my potion! Great to soften! It puts the potion on the skin and now the skin is soft again!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Second Skin II

My suit... my second skin! A handsome groom I will be! Yes? Yes?

But... it must be stitched! A suit is not a suit if it is not stitched together! Stitches... you will get them! Heehee!

-Get Flesh Golem Stitches

-Return to Crazy Man

My stitches! My stitches for my suit! Would you marry me? I'd marry me.

-2000 experience

-220 gold

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