These two quest share the same name but are given by two different characters:

First Crypt Walk

Quest Giver: White Wizard

 "He soon became frighteningly powerful. Magicians from all over the land gathered and captured him, sealing him in a tomb. You'll need a mystical key."



  • 2500 Xp mini
  • 260 Gold mini

Second Crypt Walk

(This quest is repeatable until you hit Class Level 21)

Quest Giver: Lara

                "Keep this place clear so I can walk about unharrassed and I'll reward you, every time."



  • 5500 Xp mini
  • 655 Gold mini
  • Go to Lara
  • Go to Lara
  • Go to Lara
  • Go to Lara

Hints and Tips

  • If you are a lower level and want to easily kill Crypt Fiend, once you've cleared your way to them in Catacombs 4 hit one and then lure him away from the other one by going back towards the Lich Door.
  • This won't work if  a Wizard freezes it or if it's stunned. You may not lure him before the other one is aggroed.

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