Dirk Quests

Milling About

What's that? Rebuild a kingdom and save the... slow down there, tiger... you help me and I'll help you out. Deal?

If you get a Lumber Mill set up, I can help you while you help yourself. You help me, I help you, everyone's a winner.

-Buy a Lumber Mill

-Build the Lumber Mill

Well, I guess that's as good a place for the Lumber Mill as any!

-600 experience

-100 gold

Test Your Metal Mettle

I gotta test the saws out and make sure everything is ship shape in there. Safety first, I always say.

Tell you what, get the materials together so I can cut up some sticks and test the mettle of your metal. They'll come in handy anyway.

-Have 6 Wood

-Begin refining Logs

Great, I'll get to work!

-600 experience

-100 gold

Talk to the Hand

Oh, I see Big John coming...

He don't say much, kind of quiet and shy... and if you speak at all... just say hi.

-Talk to Big John


-600 experience

-100 gold

It Takes a Villa

Ohhh... I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I work all night and... Oh, didn't see you there. Heh.

Hey pal, the housing around here is a bit low budget. Whaddya say to increasing the curb appeal around here?

-Buy a Villa foundation

-Complete the Villa

-Return to Dirk

She's a beauty! Mind if I move in? Kidding, I'm an outdoorsman!

-1750 experience

-315 gold

Mind your Manor

Call me a ginger, will they... why I oughta... Oh! You again!

It's time to really get the housing looking good around here. With my wood skills and your cash, we can really get this kingdom recognized!

-Buy a Manor foundation

-Complete the Manor

-Return to Dirk

Now that's a place I'd hang my hat! Unfortunately, no hat!

-7000 experience

-1680 gold

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