Gemma Quests

Help My Mom

Can you help me?

It's my mom... she's locked herself in that old farm house and won't come out. Would you mind checking on her? Oh yeah, and that gate's rusted shut.

-oil the Farm gate

-Visit the Farm

-Return to Gemma

Yeah, I thought as much... she's been having these senior moments lately. Wait, I have an idea...


-10 gold


I bet it's the spiders. She's always been afraid of them.

Be my hero and kill off the spiders around the farm and see if she'll come out.

-Kill 6 Spiderlings

-Visit Old Farm

-Return to Gemma

She's still not coming out, eh... OK,I have another idea.


-10 gold

Sparkly Things

Mom has always been fascinated by small sparkly things...

Yeah, I know... see if you can find a Sapphire, I bet that'll get her to come out.

-Find Sapphire

-Visit Old Farm

-Return to Gemma

Mom! You finally left the farm! ...Mom??


-20 gold

Stolen Goods

Bandits have been stealing our goods and making off to the caves with them!

Go steal them back and I will be forever grateful!

-Recover 10 Stolen Goods

-Return to Gemma

What a good person you are!


-80 gold

Rock and Roll

The kingdom needs a hero, and you certainly fit the bill!

Makes those caves safer for future travelers, will ya?

-Kill 9 Stone Giants

-Kill 32 Rock Eaters

-Return to Gemma

I wish I were as brave as you!


-100 gold

Mom's Fur Coat I

Hey stranger!

Listen, my mom's birthday is coming up and I'd really like to give her a fur coat. Think you could round a few thing up for me?

-Gather 12 Wolf Pelts

-Gather 4 Dire Wolf Pelts

-Return to Gemma

These are beautiful! Now, I just need someone to make the coat!


-110 gold

Tailor Made

Since you are being so helpful...

Could you bring these to the armorsmith for me? I would be forever grateful!

-Bring pelts to Julius

Sure, I can put this together for Gemma's mom. What is she, a large?


-110 gold

A Kind Gesture

I've heard of the chaos going on in the Graveyard.  My friend... my best friend, Polly was her name. She was killed there when she was a young girl.

I haven't been to visit her grave. Tell me, would you pay your respects while you are there?  Bring her some saffron, it was her favorite.

-Have 12 Saffron

-Place Saffron on Polly's Grave

-Return to Gemma

A kind gesture. May she rest in peace. I do miss her so...

-4000 experience

-410 gold

An Unkind Gesture

She was so innocent. So young. I cannot forget, nor forgive!

Avenge her death for me. All I have heard is that it was catacombs creatures that took her. I do not know which type.

-Kill 18 Draugr

-Kill 18 Wight

-Return to Gemma

Thank you, hero.

-5000 experience

-655 gold

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