Julius Quests

Vincent is an Idiot

This is the last time I let that idiot steer the boat!

We heard that you got this old kingdom up and running again, we're here to work! Build me an Armorsmith and I'll get to it!

-Buy an Armorsmith foundation

-Complete Armorsmith

This will do just fine!

-100 experience

-20 gold

Gear Up

Let's get to work!

Get the materials together that you'll need and we'll get to work on your new armor!

-Craft a Soiled Leather Chestpiece

-(Craft a Sticky Novice Robe )

-(Craft a Copper Toned Tunic )

Try it on!

-200 experience

-30 gold

Mom's Fur Coat II

Sure, I can finish this coat for Gemma... but I need a few items.

Bring me some thread and some stone plugs and I'll get busy.

-Have 6 String

-Have 6 Metal Clasps

-Return to Julius

OK then, I'll get to work.

-1155 experience

-150 gold

Mom's Fur Coat III

All finished...

Deliver this to Gemma's mom, Mrs. Finch. She tends to wander, good luck finding her.

-Bring the coat to Mrs. Finch

Oh how lovely! I could kiss you!

-1200 experience

-300 gold

Chest Protector

I've heard about your quest to rescue our princess!

We need to get you some top notch armor. Lets craft a Chain of the Swordsman.

-Craft a Chain of the Swordsman

-(Craft a Studded Initiate Robe )

-(Craft a Studded Initiate's Vest )

-Return to Julius

Wonderful! Try it on for size!

-1700 experience

-180 gold

Cover Your Head

Now we need to get you something better for your head!

A Metal Helm should suit you nicely. Lets get to work on one.

-Craft a Metal Helm

-(Craft a Bee Hive Helmet )

-(Craft a Lucky Feathered Cap )

-Return to Julius

This should fit even your big head! No offense, of course!

-1700 experience

-180 gold

Skin to Win

I hear you're heading to the Graveyards...

Do me a favor. I need some Ghoul Skin for the shop. Bring me some and I'll make it worth your while. Sound good?

-Get 26 Ghoul Skin

-Return to Julius

Nice, thanks. I'll put this to good use!

-2500 experience

-260 gold

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