Lefty  Quests:


Put 'er there pal!  Ha ha! Kidding! Just a little fun I like to have with people..

I make weapons, by trade. Build a weaponsmith in your kingdom and lets get crafting you some gear.

-Buy a Weaponsmith foundation

A fine start. I've really gotta hand it to you.

-60 experience

-10 gold

The Weaponsmith

Now you need to finish it. Gather up some materials and we'll get to work on a new weapon for you.

I'd lend you a hand with the labor, but I've only got one left!

-Gather two Wood

-Mine two Stone

-Finish the Weaponsmith

Now you can craft yourself weapons. It's good to have arms, or so I hear!

-2 ore

-30 experience

-10 gold

Arm Yourself

Now lets craft you a weapon.

It's a dangerous world out there... we need to make you a better weapon.

-Craft a Blade of Strength

-(Craft a Simple Wooden Wand )

-(Craft a ?)

Whoa, don't point that thing at me! Wouldn't want  to lose an eye too!

-30 experience

-10 gold

I'm Hooked

Did you see that pretty lass come sashaying into town?

Ol' Lefty is a bit shy...  would you mind talking to her and giving me a glowing introduction?

-Talk to Nissa

Why, hello there!

-30 experience

-10 gold

To Arms

Upgrade time, buddy! Lets hook you up with a new weapon!

Gather the materials and get crafting!

-Craft a Spider Fang Stinger

-(Craft a Skull Crusher )

-(Craft a Brawny Staff )

Very nice! Try it on for size!

-300 experience

-40 gold

Giant Hunter

Hey kid... lemme give you some advice...

You WILL run into giants in your travels, its just a fact in this world. Lets make you a special weapon  that does extra damage to them.

-Craft a Giant Slayer Sword

-Craft a Shimmering Bow )

-(Craft a Pixie Stick Wand)

-Return to Lefty

You are now far better prepared to face the giants of the land! Go kick some giant butt!

-1700 experience

-180 gold

On Your Off-Hand

Now you need an offhand item.  If anyone knows anything about off hands...

Always good to upgrade your gear.

-Craft a Bone Shield

-(Craft a Rune Encrusted Tome )

-(Craft a Silky Quiver )

-Return to Lefty

Looks good!

-1700 experience

-180 gold

Helpful Hand

Howdy, partner!

I'm gonna offer you a hand here (ha!) Craft a __ and I can upgrade it into a weapon that is useful against undead. You'll see soon enough...

-Craft a Metallic Flex Bow

-(Craft a Floral Rapier )

-(Craft a Staff of Delight )

-Return to Lefty

Nice work!

-1750 experience

-315 gold

Hand Off

Lets get that off-hand taken care of.

I always hated the term "off-hand". Makes me cringe. Anyway, craft a __ to use for now. I'll need it to imbue.

-Craft a Mithril Laced Quiver

-(Craft a Nature's Defender )

-(Craft a Wizard's Compendium )

-Return to Lefty

Excellent craftsmanship!

-2000 experience

-315 gold

Undead Weapon

Now I just need a few materials from the Graveyard. We'll do your weapon first.

Deathbells grow from the juices  of the deceased that are buried in the ground. From death, comes life. Poisonous to the undead, as you can imagine.

-Have 18 Silk String

-Have 16 Deathbells

-Return to Lefty

These are perfect. And here you go, a mighty weapon versus the undead!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

-Bow of the Lich

-(Sword of the Lich )

-(Staff of the Lich )

Off-hand Boost

Now lets get the materials for your off-hand...

Nightshade is known to give the undead fits and break their charm from their master. Bring me some and we'll get you fixed up!

-Have 16 Silk Sheets

-Get 16 Nightshade

-Return to Lefty

Ahhh, excellent. Here is your new offhand. Use it wisely!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

-Quiver of the Lich

-(Shield of the Lich )

-(Book of the Lich )

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