Table (here )



Level 1


Level 2

  • This level unlocks at 150 Xp mini
  • You now have 125 HP 21  Energy and 2 attacks
  • Your HP regens by 2 every 2 mins.
  • The game is still 'locked' and you can only follow instructions through the yellow arrows. You are still in training mode.
  • The White Wizard leaves soon and you will have full control of your game. He is on a timer  so he'll leaves at random spots for each player.
  • Nissa now appears as do Gemma and The Dryad Tree (now that Goblin Falls is introduced to the game.)


Level 3

  • This level unlocks at 300 Xp mini
  • You now have 154 HP 22 Energy and 3 attacks
  • Your HP regens by 2 every 2 mins.
  • Blueberries and Wheat are now unlocked under the 'Farming' tab


Level 4

  • This level unlocks at 550 Xp mini
  • You now have 175 HP 23 Energy and all 4 attacks
  • Your HP regens by 2 every 2 mins.
  • Rabid Hare or Village Spiderling  no longer give Xp mini


Level 5

Levels Six to Ten (here)

Hints and Tips

  • It is advisable to chop a few Trees  and mine a few Rocks  before your Xp mini sends you into the next level (ie: you turn in another quest)

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