Loyalty is a type of currency in Legends: Rise of a Hero:

  • Loyalty is sort of a 'reward points' system; mainly you will obtain Loyalty for completing Quests‏.
  • So far the only thing your Loyalty 'points' can be spent on is hiring Mercenaries in the Tavern
  • The max allowable 'point's' are 500. You may go over this amount but the next time you 'spend' your points it will reset below 500.
  • You can receive Loyalty 'points' in a number of ways but the fastest way is if you play Legends on the Zynga platform. There will be a siderail scrolling by with the achievements of fellow players. By cllicking 'Get Loyalty' you take a share of his/her reward if you are one of the first few players to click. 

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