Nissa Quests:

Liven This Place Up

Someone wants to meet me? Well, we need a place to meet!

Tell you what, build me a Tavern to run and this 'Lefty' guy can come talk to me here!

-Buy a Tavern

-Complete Tavern

It's beautiful! Thank you so much!

-30 experience

-10 gold

Get the Party Started

These boys must be starving!

Mercenaries seem to have found a new home. Invite some friends and start a party.

-Invite friends to your Tavern

Good going! Your subjects will thank you!

-100 experience

-20 gold

Return to Sender

Thank you for bringing this to me! The mercenaries in the Tavern make a huge mess, so I'm covering the floor in hay!

Please give the Dwarven Traveler my payment.

-Talk to the Dwarven Traveler

You are good at this, you should come work for me! Please accept this as a token of my gratitude.

-1155 experience

-125 gold

-10 plank

Pesky Patron

Hey hero! I have such a picky customer in the Tavern... demanding foods that I don't have!

First up on this creep's menu is witches brew. I don't even know where to get this, perhaps you can help?

-Get Witches Brew

-Return to Nissa

What the heck is this made from? Smells foul!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Bat Wings

I really should just kick this loser out of the tavern.

If you come across any bat wings, please bring them to me!

-Get 24 Vampire Bat Wings

-Return to Nissa

I don't go anywhere near vampire bats, so kudos to you!

-2500 experience

-260 gold

The Eulogy

I have another request for you, hero. I want to place my grampy's ashes here in the tavern, it's where he spent most of his time anyways.

I need a nice eulogy quote to go with the ashes... there's one on an angel statue in the graveyard. I can't remember which statue though...

-Search the statue for an inscription

-Return to Nissa

"#S!% Happens"? That's the quote?! I remember it as something deeper than that.

-2500 experience

-260 gold

Grampy's Ashes

Did I mention the urn? I don't actually have my grampy's ashes... but that's what you are for! Right?

My grandfather's urn is somewhere in the Catacombs. I really have no clue where... that place is too spooky and dangerous for me.

-Find Urn

-Return to Nissa


-4000 experience

-410 gold

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