Dryad Tree Quests

At Your Service

Hello, Traveler. I can make you wonderful potions in return for your assistance.

Gather blood and hair for me. Bring them to me when you are finished.

-Have 4 Blood

-Have 4 Hair

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Excellent, but there is more to do.


-30 gold

Beautiful Things

The next items that I need are a bit... shall we say, repugnant.

I need the eggs and slime from Larva. Larva tend to infest unclean things such as garbage and infested bedding. Good luck finding them.

-Have 3 Slime

-Have 3 Larva Egg

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Perfect. This will work just fine. You may want to wash up.


-30 gold

Till the Land

Now it is time to learn to grow your own crops.

We will need natural components  to make potions, I will show you how to harvest food from the land.

-Place a Farm Plot in your home realm

-Plant and harvest Strawberries

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


-30 gold

The Mandrake Root

The last item that I need is a bit more difficult to find, a Mandrake Root. I have not seen one in a very long time.

They used to grow at that old farm, but the mandrake root took over everything, killed off the soil and ruined the land.

-Find Mandrake Root Seed at the Old Farm

-Grow and harvest Mandrake Root in your kingdom

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Most excellent. Here is your potion, as promised.


-40 gold

-Potion of Dominance

Potent Potables I

Another potion you seek?

Harvest the ooze for Purified Acid.

-Kill 3 Grey Ooze

-Find 3 Purified Acid

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Excellent. This will do just fine.


-40 gold

Potent Potables II

The mixture must be filtered before it is effective.

Bring me spider eggs and Golden Silk so that I may filter the liquids properly.

-Get 5 Spider Eggs

-Get 1 Golden Silk

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Perfect. I'll have this for you shortly.

-1 Health Potion

-750 experience

-80 gold

Liquid Courage I

I have a new potion recipe that you might be interested in...

First, I will require Butterfly Wings and Pollen. Bring them to me when you have located both.

-Have 5 Butterfly Wing

-Have 5 Pollen

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Perfect. But there is more...


-110 gold

Liquid Courage II

The next items come from living creatures.

Hair and blood is what I need, hair and blood.

-Have 50 Hair

-Have 50 Blood

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Ahhh, very nice... very nice indeed.


-130 gold

Liquid Courage III

The final ingredients are needed, and then you shall have your potion!

One Ice Heart and a Frostbitten Toe, collect them both - now off you go!

-Get 8 Ice Heart

-Get 5 Frostbitten Toe

-Return to the Dryad Tree

You are an exceptional adventurer. Here is your potion.


-180 gold

-5 Potion of Damage

Feeling Withered

I reached out to you for a reason. I feel my roots are drying up, I should never have  been planted so close to the salt water.

I need you to craft me a potion of unwithering. I am too weak at this time to do it for myself.

-Craft Potion of Unwithering

-Return to the Dryad Tree

Ahhhh... that's the stuff. Thank you, kind adventurer.

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Dark Manuscripts

Adventurer, bring me back something from where the dead lay and I will reward you with scrolls of great value.

Should you come across Dark Manuscripts, bring them to me. I can transform them into usable scrolls to aid you in your quest.

-Get 20 Dark Manuscripts

-Return to the Dryad Tree

You are quite brave, adventurer. Here is your scroll, use it wisely.

-2000 experience

-220 gold

-Dark Scroll

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