Trolldad is the leader of the Trolls

Location: Trolldad is the Boss‏‎ of Icy Peaks

Respawn Time: 8 hours

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Tips for defeating him

  • Use party to attack the minions and get them out of the way, then attack him when he is alone
  • Avoid the Troll Mundunugu as he drops a totem on the ground that slows you down so that the rest of his buddies can beat you up before you can run away
  • Use a lot of potions and kill the Troll Mundunugu before you target anyone else
  •  If your party pick Trolldad as its first target, quickly click another active enemy or else Trolldad will wipeout your allies in seconds

  • Rangers
    • Use a Potion Of Fleetness and "kite" the baddies around in circles while your Allies attack one of them
    • Use a party and target the first Troll Fighter nearest to your party, kill him fast then as soon as he is down return back to town with the Home icon. Go back to icy peaks and target another Troll (they should have reset their position), kill them and then go back to town. "Rinse and Repeat" for the other Trolls until only Trolldad is left on his own. The point is that each of the Trolls will have reset their position each time you return to the Icy Peaks after you've gone home. This also gives you time to recharge your skills.

  • Warriors
    • Use charge and click on Trolldad. Once you hit him with your charge start running away. You will notice a small square that you can run around. Use this to your advantage. While your tavern friends are killing the monsters continue to move around this area. If you are good at timing your attacks you can get a Cleave off every now and then without getting hit in return. If you are a high enough level that you don't need tavern friends for this boss you can just kite all the monsters using cleave when it is available. 

  • Wizards
    • 1st strike with Chain Lightning and run backwards hoping that the other Wizards cast Ice Block while you run around like a merry go round until the wiz party kill its first target (dont run near the totem or it will slow you down)