Quest Giver: White Wizard

"The boss creature that holds essences are generally leaders of their class. Find the leader of the trolls and kill him"



  • 1155 Xp mini
  • 130 Gold mini

Hints and Tips

  • It's wise to kill the Troll Mundunugu first (because of that damned totem he drops, you take too many hits.)
  • If necessary warp back to the Village after that and re-enter Icy Peaks to kill Trolldad (the battle may be less confusing the 2nd time around)
  • If you let your crew take the aggro (hold your fire in battle so your enemy won't target you) it's a lot easier to position yourself and just fire away without having to run around.
  • Watch your timer because your best tactic may be to just come in with a fresh crew
  • If you don't succeed just wait for your hp and come back and try again before 4 hrs has passed so that you don't have to kill that Mundunugu again