White Wizard Quests:

Bridge the Gap


If you hope to find the Princess, you're going to need to venture out into the world.

You'll need to fix that bridge if you want to travel further

- Have 1 Rope

-Repair the bridge

Actually, probably a good way for the area monsters to get into town, now that I think about it.

-100 experience

-10 gold

Nefarious Activity

That nasty King Hobb must be behind the princesses disappearance ...

Let's craft you a special Goblin weapon, it will help you out immensely with killing Hobb, as well as his minions.

-Defeat the Ruins Guard

Excellent, now we just need to find  a way in.

-200 experience

-30 gold

-Goblin Stick

-(Goblindia )

-(Goblinbane )

Light the Way

Those torches around the ruins... they didn't used to be there.

The torches have to be the key. Get them lit and see what happens.

-Find a Hot Ember

-Light the Torches   (3)

-Enter the Ruins

That was it! Looks dangerous in here...

-200 experience

-30 gold

Death to King Hobb

Be on alert.

Find King Hobb and take him out. Search his quarters for the Princess or any clues.

-Defeat the King Hobb


-Hobb Essence

-Portal plans

-300 experience

The Portal

These plans that you found, they are the plans to an ancient portal!

As an avid collector of rare and interesting things, I happen to have the remnants of this portal. Come see me in your home realm.

-Return to your home realm

These plans show me how to put it back together... just a little tweak here, slide this into that... voila! Your own ancient portal!

1- Portal

-100 experience

-20 gold

Aura Essence

The boss creatures drop essences...

Place your new portal, then use the essence that you got from that wretched King  Hobb.

- Place your Portal

-Place King Hobb's Essence

Once you have all six power sources activated, the portal will open! Where it leads... I shudder to think!!

-100 experience

-20 gold

Area Mastery

Did you know about area mastery? You can achieve mastery levels of areas by performing actions there.

Killing, searching, anything you do fills the area mastery meter seen below. Once filled, you earn a level of mastery and a reward!

-Earn level one mastery in Goblin Falls

You did it! You are now a level one master of Goblin Falls. Keep going to earn bigger, better and more rare rewards!

-1000 experience

-500 gold

Forsaken Caves

Now that we have the portal built, we need to power it with more esssences.

Venture into the caves, exploration will be the key to finding the Princess.

-Enter the Forsaken Caves

Be on high alert, many have entered here never to return.

-300 experience

-180 gold

Break on Through

That inscription on the floor... that's a diagram of the ancient portal! We are definitely  on the right track!

You need to bust down this wall... but how?

-Find a way through the wall.

Well that was easy.

-300 experience

-40 gold

The Queen

Spiders... lots of spiders! I hate spiders!

Where there are spiders, there is a Spider Queen! That could be the creature we are looking for... find her!

- Kill the Spider Queen

Well done but the Spider Queen seems to have not been a boss... my bad. Mini-boss perhaps?

-750 experience

-80 gold

By the Gods

The boss creature is very close... I can feel it.

By the Gods... it can't be... Xorn hasn't been seen in centuries! Good thing too, that thing is ugly!

- Enter Xorn's lair

- Defeat Xorn

- Loot Xorn's chest (1)

You are a true hero of the realm!

-Xorn Essence

-2000 experience

-210 gold

Xorn's Essence

You found a second essence!

Get back to your home realm and let's get that bad boy placed in your portal!

- Travel to your home realm

- Place Xorn's Essence in the Portal

Princess saving and hero status... here we come!

-2000 experience

-210 gold

Icy You

We got more 'splorin to do!

Get yourself to Icy Peaks! You'll need a travel stone to pass through the travel gate. Don't worry, they're craftable!

- Build a Mystical Forge

-Craft an Icy Travel Stone

-Enter Icy Peaks

Welcome to Icy Peaks! Is that a Bloodwood tree I saw?

-595 experience

-70 gold

Trolldad is Trolling

We need to find more essences

The boss creatures that hold essences are generally leaders of their class. Find the leader of the trolls and kill him.

-Defeat the Trolldad

No essence? Hmm...

-1155 experience

-300 gold

Just Abominable

I've heard rumors of a mighty creature out here...

...the Yeti.  Few have met the Yeti and lived to tell about it. Seek it out and destroy it. Hopefully it will have an essence.

-Defeat the Yeti

Still no essence... we press on!

-1690 experience

-300 gold

-Arctic Leather Helm

-(Arctic Metal Helm )

-(Arctic Hood )

Horn of Plenty

Hmmm...haven't seen this before. Although, I'm not around here much.

That horn looks suspicious. Should we blow it? We, meaning you. Can't hurt I suppose, give it a try.

-Blow the Alpenhorn

That was easy

-2550 experience

-250 gold

The Ice Castle

I don't know what is inside the Ice Castle...

...the guards ensure that nobody gets in without a proper invitation. Your weapon is your invitation.

-Defeat Frost Giant Guards (2)

-Enter the Ice Castle

An ice place, but I wouldn't want to live here.

-1500 experience

-100 gold

The Frost King

Now there has got to be a boss creature near here!

Search for the ruler of this castle and eradicate whatever it is.

-Kill the Frost King

Another essence! We are getting closer to the princess, I can feel it!

-Frostbitten Saber

-(Frostbitten Staff )

-(Frostbitten Bow )

-Frost King Essence

-3000 experience

Frost Essence

Come to your home realm and place that essence!

Click on your portal to open it up and add the new essence.

-Place the Frost King Essence in your  Portal.

Booyah! Sorry, I got carried away there...

-300 experience

-500 gold

Grave Danger

There's been a lot of reports of a ruckus in the Graveyard.

It seems that there are necromancers out there raising the dead. For what reason, I'm not sure...  but I'd guess they are blocking passage to where the princess is kept.

-Craft a Graveyard Travel Stone

-Enter the Graveyard

This used to be a beautiful place of memorial and remembrance. Now it's a dead man's party!

-1750 experience

-315 gold

The Caretaker

We need to find someone friendly...

If anyone knows about the goings on in the Graveyard, it's the caretaker. Find him!

-Talk to the Caretaker

S-s-s-so     m-m-many     g-g-ghosts!!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Summoning Obelisk

I need to get a closer look at that obelisk with the inscriptions on it.

It must have something to do with the chaos going on around here. Looks well protected... Get closer to it and click on it so I can read what it says.

-Read the Obelisk

Aha! I know what this is, its a summoning obelisk! No wonder this place is jam-packed with monsters!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Bust it Up

The obelisk is filled with entrapped spirits, the necromancers release them to do their bidding.

We... err, you, must destroy it and set the spirits free. Looks pretty cheaply constructed, actually. Just give it a few whacks with your pickaxe.

-Destroy the Obelisk

You have freed the entrapped spirits and hopefully calmed this place down a bit. Well done!

-2000 experience

-220 gold

Grave Danger

Hey, see that open grave over there? Something isn't right about it...

Click that open grave to examine it more closely.

-Click the open grave

A passageway! Very clever!

-2500 experience

-260 gold

Crypt Walk

The Catacombs is the home of the Lich. He was once an aspiring sorcerer, but he turned to the dark arts and the study of the dead.

He soon became frighteningly powerful. Magicians from all over the land gathered and captured him, sealing him in a tomb. You'll need a mystical key.

-Craft the Catacombs Key

Nicely done. Now you have the key, but do you have the stone to enter?

-2500 experience

-260 gold

The Dracolich

Uh... is that thing alive?

Dragon scare the beejezus out of me! Undead dragons scare more out of me than just that!

-Kill the Dracolich

Skinniest dragon I've ever seen.

-4000 experience

-410 gold

The Catacombs

Nice work, hero!

Now it's time to enter the catacombs... you do have your catacombs key made, right?

-Enter the Catacombs

Spooky. Glad I'm only watching by crystal ball.

-4000 experience

-410 gold

The Lich

The Lich, my old friend.

We must put a stop to the madness in the Graveyard. And, this guy looks like he has an essence that we can use.

-Kill the Lich

Show no mercy!

-5000 experience

-655 gold

-Lich Essence

Lich Essence

Lets get that essence in the dark portal.

You could use the break, get back home and place the essence!

-Travel  to your home realm

-Place the Lich's Essence in the  .Portal

Only two more to go and we'll open the portal to the dark realm.

-7000 experience

-1680 gold

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