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The Workshop is run by Vincent the Tinkerer.It creates raw materials used to craft items.   

The Workshop unlocks at Class Level Eight . It will cost 150 Gold mini to buy from the buildings tab in your store. You will need 15 wood and 15 stone to construct the building. 




The Workshop is able to be upgraded once certain prerequisites are met...

  • Level of Hero
  • Assistance from Allies
  • Materials
  • Go to Workshop
  • Go to Workshop
  • Go to Workshop
  • Go to Workshop
  • Go to Workshop
  • Go to Workshop

Level 2 Workshop   

  • Level 11
    Workshop 2
  • Assistance of 2 Allies (they must respond to your request for help)
  • 1400 Gold mini

Level 3 Workshop   

  • Level 15
    Workshop 3
  • Assistance of 4 Allies (they must respond to your request for help)
  • 4200 Gold mini


Various components are required for crafting. Some of these items can be found while Adventuring, but some can also be produced in the workshop...

Basic Materials

  • Cotton x4
  • Fur
  • Hide
  • Ink
  • Leather Lace x2
  • Leather Strip x2
  • Linen x3
  • Metal Bar
  • Nail x6
  • Paper x10
  •  Rivet x6
    • Go to Fine Silk
    • Go to Leather Sheet
  • Silk
  • String x3
  • Thick Hide

Advanced Materials

These Materials require a Level 2 Workshop

Master Materials

These Materials require a Level 3 Workshop


Patterns are required to make more intricate forms of weapons and armor...

  • Go to Basic Armor
  • Go to Basic Book
  • Go to Basic Bow
  • Go to Basic Quiver
  • Go to Basic Shield
  • Go to Basic Staff
  • Go to Basic Sword

Basic Patterns

Advanced Patterns

  • Go to Advanced Armor
  • Go to Advanced Book
  • Go to Advanced Bow
  • Go to Advanced Quiver
  • Go to Advanced Shield
  • Go to Advanced Staff
  • Go to Advanced Sword

These Patterns require a Level 2 Workshop

Master Patterns

These Patterns require a Level 3 Workshop

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